The America’s Black sheep

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The America’s Black sheep

By Lucius Gantt

      During the final days of the Lord, Jesus Christ was perhaps at the lowest point in his life.

If you know the story, Jesus was marked for death before he was born so his life wasn’t a bowl of chocolates or cherries.

As the end approached, Jesus informed his so-called friends, much like the Facebook friends and Twitter followers of today, that the end of his time on earth was near.

When he took the news to his best boys, he told his Apostles and Disciples that the Biblical 5-0, the crooked law enforcers, were out to get him and what did his most loyal followers do that memorable night to help and protect him? They all went to sleep.

Not too long afterwards, Jesus was apprehended, arrested, whipped, beaten, spat on and ultimately crucified, killed and place in a tomb that was guarded by soldiers and closed to family and friends that loved him by a very large immovable boulder.

But Jesus arose and came back to the life as he said he would. One of his

followers that wouldn’t help Him, protect Him and denied Him, Peter, asked Jesus what he could do now to show his love for the Lord.

Jesus said, “Feed my sheep”! The figurative sheep in the Biblical days needed a shepherd.

I believe that today, more than ever before, America’s Black sheep, citizens of African descent living in, the United States, need a modern day shepherd that they can depend on!

Nowadays, Black people don’t really have a leader anywhere in the world that is recognized and accepted by the masses as a true leader or shepherd of the “Black flock”!

If you know what a shepherd is you know that a shepherd herds the sheep, or brings them together, he guards or protects the sheep, he feeds the sheep or nourishes them diet wise, physically, mentally and spiritually, he educates and informs the sheep and he guides the sheep in the right direction, the righteous direction and toward the so-called greener pastures!

But in Black communities, it’s hard being a shepherd. Pimping ain’t easy and being a good leader ain’t easy!

You’ve heard people talk and read people’s writings about “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” but there are also snakes, serpents and wolves in shep-herd’s clothes.

There are fake and devilish people pretending to be shepherds that try, try and try to lead Black people down the wrong path.

These imposter shepherds are usually people of color just as the Black sheep are.

When our people can’t recognize the voice of a true shepherd, it won’t take long for many of us to be misguided, distracted, run amuck or led astray!

Once Black sheep are led astray, they don’t want to unite, they don’t want to work together, they don’t want to eat together and they don’t want to live together.

A misguided Black sheep will think he or she is better than other Black sheep and wrongly believe they can do better on their own, by themselves.

Well, guess what? It’s a mean, old and dangerous world we live in for a Black sheep to leave his flock and roam around the world alone.

When a sheep hates his brothers and sisters in his flock and turns on his kind, abandons his kind and hates his own kind, the bloody jawed evil, wicked, biased, exploitative and racist wolves will have a field day and the wolf pack will feast on lamb chops for days and perhaps, for 400 years!

Biblical sheep of yesterday and Black sheep of today fuss and fight with each other but they are not know as fierce warriors that seek to battle anyone that mounts an attack on them.

If sheep don’t have a shepherd that they trust and will follow, all the sheep can do is try to run or merely give up when an oppressor, a colonizer, a predator or other attacker comes into their community, or pasture.

A good Biblical shepherd carried a staff that comforted the sheep and protected the sheep.

The Black sheep of today need shepherds, or leadership, that will protect them, too. America’s Black sheep don’t need a shepherd that is afraid of the police, afraid of the judge, afraid of the bad boss or supervisor, afraid of the gang member, abusive pimp or the drug dealer and any other wolves or enemies of the Black sheep!

The staff of today’s shepherd may be a sharp tongue or a hard fist, backed up with a weapons permit and an Underground Army like the old Underground Railroad.

I just don’t know. But I know America’s Black sheep need to be protected, fed and led!

Pray for God to send us another Nat, Denmark, Marcus, Martin, Malcolm, Medgar, JoAnne or some other man or woman that can lead us to a better place and a better life!

Baa Baa Black sheep have you any wool? No, the fake shepherds are advising us to give everything we have to wolves and snakes! (Buy Gantt’s latest book, “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” and from bookstores everywhere. Contact Lucius at And, if you want to, “Like” The Gantt Report page on Facebook.) 



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