The Meetings before the Meeting

Trails in the Sand by Peter Traceit, the Street Detective

The sand is blowing and getting into Ol’ Pete’s eyes, but even a blind man can see the shenanigans that are at play in the sand box.

… And then there were three candidates for the Super job and the politricking began getting fast, furious and dirty.

Rumor has it that some of the Board members are not playing by the rules and are setting up their own meet the candidate forums that fall outside of the search firm and their in-house employment guidelines for the position.

The Detective sleuthed a twitter posting from a Micheal Rajner who claims to have seen a text message from Board member Alan Zeman that invited select persons to his home for a meet the candidate forum.  Ol’ Pete has been trying to get a copy of that supposed text message and has been unsuccessful thus far.  The Detective doesn’t put much past Zeman; however, Ol’ Pete will not be cashing that check without any invoices or receipts.

Rajner didn’t stop there with the accusations. He then tweeted that a meeting had been orchestrated by a DeSantis-appointed Board member and the ladies in Red of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority to meet a Super finalist.  Before Pete could sift through the dirt to determine if this rumor had any substance, the two DeSantis-appointed Board members, Torey Alston and Daniel Foganholi, buried the accusation in the sand by each responding to the devilish and dirty tweet.  A member of Delta Sigma Theta soon followed up the tweet with a response to clarify if Rajner was referring to Delta Airlines.  The Delta had not heard hide or red hair of such a proposal in the organization and she wondered if the tweet was referring to an airline and not a sorority.

Rajner refused to comment.

Speaking of Board member Zeman. Ol Pete is told he has been pretty docile since he flew above the line with his verbal assault on a middle level manager, tongue thrashing of Deputy Superintendent Judy Marte and insults to the leadership of interim Superintendent Dr. Earlean Smiley. Ol Pete is surprised at the brazenness of a relatively new Board member who is throwing sand in faces of the very people whose job is to take care of him.

The Street Detective, Peter Traceit, continues to drag the sands in search of clues around the three finalists and once all avenues are sleuthed, clues are sorted and sand sifted, Ol’ Pete will reveal the findings; and the winner is…

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