The Passion of Supporting Black Business

Don Valentine

By Don Valentine

The noble supportive thing to do is to put your money in the community that looks like you. Uplift the Black entrepreneurs! This is a life lesson to all fledgling and veteran Black business owners do not expect a “Get Golden Pass Sales Ticket From Every Black Person Because You’re A Black Owner”.

That will come with responsibility. Should you not heed my cautionary language you will find your business closed sooner than you thought.

Let me illustrate for your elucidation a reason there is a vertical failure in Black business compared to White business.

If you advertise you open business at 9:00, then you must do just do that.  It is not acceptable if you want customer retention to come at 9:20 or 9:30. That will not keep your lights on!

Hire staff that are customer service friendly, as most of the White stores do.  They may be a family member and need a job. If you let them treat that job like a D.M.V. employee both of you will be looking for work!  ,

It also is mystery to me why some Black stores have a sign that says “We are out to lunch we will be back in an a half hour.”  Then why not stagger your scheduling to always have the store open?

These reminders are to help the Black business owners help the Black community support them. We can only tolerate so much foolishness.  Do not get frustrated and say “Why don’t my people support me?” We try!



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