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The Southwest Seminoles are the reason you have to enjoy sports

put-your-foot-in-it-adThe Southwest Seminoles are the reason you have to enjoy sports

By D’Joumbarey A. Moreau

Life isn’t fair.

That’s one of the first lessons that a lot of children grow up to understand when they become adults. Everyone’s got a different set of cards when they’re born. The way that one chooses to play the cards they were dealt in their life will determine their ultimate future success.

For Lee Jackson, the club president of Fort Lauderdale’s Southwest Seminoles, he understood how difficult it is for children in the inner city in the South Florida community. That’s why Jackson and his wife Mrs. Athena Jackson created the Seminoles in order to give the Fort Lauderdale community a football program that would stand as a beacon of acceptance and hope for children.

“We deal with a lot of at-risk kids. We’re mainly a program that was established to keep kids out of trouble. We are a non-profit organization and we’re in need of sponsors to help us with the program. At the same time we’re here to provide the kids with an outlet to stay out of the streets. That’s what we’re about. We don’t turn any kids down,” said Jackson.

Turning no kids down is a principle that Jackson founded the Seminoles with.

That’s why the Seminoles program that not only features football but also cheerleading, has had at one point 175 children between the ages of five-14 participating in their program.

In essence getting children to play football instead of doing something stupid that could end up costing them their life is the Seminoles biggest priority. Jackson even has weekly tutoring sessions for the children in order of them to maintain their grades. With him, their lives are bigger than playing on a football field.

That’s why it was such a blessing that during Jackson’s tenure as the leader of the Seminoles that they have accomplished many great athletic feats as well. In the last three years the 125 pound and 135 pound team were named the 2013 SFYFL Super Bowl Champions. As for the 13U Seminoles, they held their own by winning the 2013 Miami Dolphins State Championship Series.

Not only is Jackson helping children to stay off of the streets, he’s helping the children in his program become winners.

The idea for his program came when he was helping coach another team. Jackson noticed that he didn’t enjoy the way that the children we’re being spoken to or treated. Being well-respected in South Florida he decided to make a change and that’s when the Seminoles were created. Now only a few years later the Seminoles are one of the important programs in the community because of the way that they’ve impacted the lives of young people.

Because the young generation is so important to the Seminoles, they’ve even taken their affection for children a step further by hosting a barbecue.

On June 27, there will be a fun filled family time that will have a lot of the players, parents and people associated with the Seminoles. Don’t feel isolated though because everyone’s welcome to join in on the festivities since the event will exhibit some of the best cooks in the South Florida area.

“Everybody bragging and saying they have the best barbecue so we (Jackson & his wife) came together to get all the people who said that and get them in one spot. We’re going to see who’s got the best ribs and chicken.”

There will be first, second and third place cash prizes will be given.

For more information; volunteering;  sponsorship or BBQ Contestants***

St. George Civic Association in partnership with Youth Sports of Central Broward Inc. Presents

“You Put Yo’ Foot In It”
Saturday June 27, 2015 from  10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
St. George Community Park
3501 N.W. Eighth St.  Lauderhill, Fla.,
For more information on volunteering;  sponsorship or BBQ entry contact Samuel Wilkerson (954) 817-9594 or Nicole Clark (954) 638-5861.

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