Through the eyes of an angel


Part 3 of 4

     This is a real-life story written from an inmate inside a Florida Correctional Institute (DOC). His name has been changed to protect him; however, the names of the people involved in the story to the best of knowledge is true. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THERE ARE SOME GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS IN THIS STORY! IF YOU DO NOT CARE FOR GRAPHIC DETAILS, PLEASE DO NOT READ. There are two sides to a story and then there is the truth. What happens when a murderer meets the mother and grandmother of his victims?  Find out in this four-part

Black child, so lost in the shadows of his father’s addiction and the quicksand of America’s soul shredding girls. Black child addict, more than just a young crackhead, more than just a murderer, loss soul not knowing how to cry for help. Living in a community of spiritual suicides, his soul died a slow death before anyone told him the value of his life.

Twenty-four years-old, checkmated into a prison cell, drowning in self-hate, haunted by the smiles and laughter of Pat and Chris. Mind now clear from the cocaine smoke that whispered murderous thoughts, unable to answer his own wise. Ready to commit suicide to escape the cries of Pat and Chris. 24, hopeless, a dead man walking into the dark dungeon of suicidal tendencies, flew a dove with an olive branch in its mouth… Let there be light…

When a soul burning in hell cries out for mercy, it never and really expects to be heard. In one of her poems describing the initial moment of reaching out to Leonard, Agnes wrote… Standing at the edge of the cliff invites terror, or fluttering in the belly when you fall and run into darkness, into clouds of annoying… It is reported telling her, though he did not make eye contact, but she read her statement at his sentencing, he heard every word and every drop of pain in her words almost drowned in his soul. He saw no forgiveness from her because he felt he deserved none no apology was sufficient for punishing Pat for daring to love him. His younger brother’s life was just taken he himself was beginning to understand the pain of loss. he was ready to answer any questions she had was ready to allow her questions to become a mirror which he would face the ugliest of himself from which he had been trying too hard. He was willing to endure whatever verbal abuse she had to unleash on him to free herself. But this was not her mission he realized. She wrote him telling him, “you are not a murderer, you are a man who was murdered and there is a difference.” She said, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder her and in the eyes of an angel. Light and humans is always easily found. Her words of forgiveness breathe life into his soul. Her compassion became surgical knives removing the tumors of self-hate from his man. In loving memory of Pat and Chris, she decided to stand hard on the Christian belief that everyone deserves a second chance… But they must all be held accountable for that chance. And allowing the Holy Spirit to guide her through her pain, freed from bitterness, she a white woman, was now equipped with the vision and language to God this young Black man into the process of healing. Over hundreds of letters, year after year she put love into him. Minister Christ to him. Love him with no expectations other than his commitment to grow beyond who he was when he took Pat and Chris. To have gasoline poured on her life and set on fire, then to give the arsonist her heart and a match… Oh my God, courageous servant leadership beyond human words. Relentlessly in pursuit of pure and authentic peace, she wholeheartedly gave herself over to the process of forgiveness and the vulnerabilities that came with it. She fought to help him forgive himself to 3help him find the piece she found. She did not go to save him but to encourage him to seek salvation. She constantly reminded him that bitterness, resentment, hate and anger only hurt the person holding on to them. She shared her poems with him to show him the deep darkness his decision sent her into and the heights of freedom and peace her faith and trust in God led her to, thus the heights he could evolve to if he outlined his lives purpose with God.



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