Trump, an Abomination, Proverbs 6: 16-19

John Johnson II

By John Johnson II

      A segment of Americans, though enjoying all the privileges written in the Constitution, yet, touts white supremacy. They also support President Trump, who, according to Proverbs 6: 16-19, represents an Abomination before God and an evil threat to this Nation’s democracy. Is it because they’re unaware of this Proverb or they just don’t care? If it’s both, what would make them turn their backs to our Almighty God and this Nation which was birthed by their white Founding Fathers?

Before exploring an answer to the question presented above, let’s examine the seven sins of humankind which are an abomination to God. Proverbs 6: 16-19 New International Version:

  • 16. These are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable:
  • 17. HAUGHTY EYES; (blatantly and disdainfully Proud – attempts to overturn everything Obama initiated)
  • A LYING TONGUE: (speaks untruths outright, (COVID-19 and Russia’s interference are hoaxes)
  • HANDS THAT SHED INNOCENT BLOOD: (tendency to cause harm to others – unleashed troops on innocent protesters

in Lafayette Park)

  • 18. A HEART THAT DEVISES WICKED SCHEMES:(plots evilness – crimes of emolument, separates children from parent
  • FEET THAT ARE QUICK TO RUSH TO EVIL: (no time wasted to initiate harm, seeks to overturn DOCCA, builds a wall to stop immigration, sends unidentified troops into Portland to arrest protestors)
  1. A FALSE WITNESS WHO POURS OUT LIES: (lacks integrity, speaks unjustly -McCain isn’t a war hero, Ukraine’s call was “perfect”)
  • A PERSON WHO STIRS UP CONFLICT IN THE COMMUNITY: (a contentious spirit, divisive divider -defends confederate monuments, perpetuated the “birther” conspiracy)

Rather than attempting to provide an answer to the earlier question, everyone should answer the question for themselves. Voters should also think about Trump’s many dastardly deeds which correlates with God’s most detestable “Sins.” However, it can be reasoned that if bigotry and racism are stronger than Trump’s enablers’ religious beliefs and common sense, they along with Trump are an abomination.

Should the Republican Party re-nominate Trump as their candidate, the self-proclaimed “chosen one,” according to Proverb 6: 16-19, it would constitute an abomination and a possible death blow to the Republican Party.

In 1861, the issues of preservation of the Union and the abolishment of slavery led to the Civil War. Approximately 360,000 Union Soldiers and 258,000 confederate soldiers died: thus, the greatest toll of any war in American history. Trump’s failure to act prudently and decisively in the wake of the coronavirus may cause the Nation’s death tolls to exceed those of the Civil War. This deadly and reprehensible crime caused by the “hands” of Trump is indicative of one of the Almighty God’s most detestable sins, “hands that shed innocent blood.” Sadly, Trump’s sinful nature continues as he attempts to eliminate funding for COVID-19, testing and tracing.

Lastly, having Trump’s name on the 2020 presidential ballot will be tantamount to having such names as: Judas, George Wallace, Robert E. Lee, Hitler, and Officer Derek Chauvin, murderer of George Floyd.


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