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War on drugs? Or war on the Black community?

War on drugs? Or war on the Black community?

By Barry Stephenson

The other day, I watched a news conference on television. Various local leaders, law enforcement, and the big cheeses from the 17th Judicial Circuit Court all assembled together to discuss the latest plague in our neighborhood, FLAKKA! THEY HAVE DECLARED “WAR ON FLAKKA”!  Apparently they learned nothing from the last “war on drugs”. They talked about how “Flakka” is the “WORST” drug ever. I’m not sure if I’m buying that claim. Flakka is just the latest choice of idiots. I think drugs like Heroin, LSD, PCP and Angel Dust were much worse. Thousands upon thousands of drug dependent junkies overdosed on Heroin and died daily back in the 60’s and 70’s.

When I lived in Southern California back in the early ‘80’s, liquid PCP was the trend. This stuff was so potent, all it took was a couple of pulls and BING, BANG, BLAM, it’s off to the moon. Because SHERM gave them the illusion of being weightless, it had guys jumping from their balconies. Some mothers threw their babies from roof-tops and jumped themselves just to see if they could fly!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating drug usage, but I don’t believe scare tactics will work.

Why not concentrate on raising the self-esteem of young folks. Because EXPERIENCE is the best teacher, I don’t see how someone can teach their child about flakka other than tell their kid what someone tells them. I’m sorry, but law enforcement isn’t a trust-worthy source for anything. Has anyone checked to see if any of the people in the news were mentally ill? Were they bipolar? That would be a major contributing factor if they were.

Because flakka is synthetic and highly addictive, it requires a lab. I have serious doubts if it’s manufactured in urban neighborhoods, but it’s darn sure sold there.

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