What do you think will happen if President Obama wins or loses?

Jey Webb
Jey Webb

What do you think will happen if President Obama wins or loses?

By Jimmie Davis, Jr.

     Adela Gonzalez, 33, is a clerk for the Dade County Property Appraisers Office and for the last four years since President Barack Obama has been in the White House, she says a tremendous amount of progress has been made under his leadership.

    She’s quite content with the way things are, because President Obama has ordered the troops to come home and allocated more money for student loans and arranged meaningful jobs for the citizens of this country.

    But there’s one thing that disturbs Gonzalez and that’s the thought of President Obama not being reelected.

    “If Obama loses, the country will be in a tailspin and start to go backwards,” said Gonzalez during an interview while on her break at the Dade County Government Center, where early voting was taking place.

    “Instead of being focused on rebuilding the economy, Romney will send the Veterans back to war and his center of attention will be on the rich folks.”

    Crystal Graham, 30, quality assurance employee, who came to the Government Center to cast her early vote, says things will continue to get better if President Obama wins.

    She’s excited that President Obama has extended college loans for students and after 10 years they won’t have to worry about paying the money back.

    Graham also has concerns about what will transpire if President Obama doesn’t get voted back into office.

    “If Romney wins, he will do nothing for me or the middle class,” Graham said. “Romney will change policies and cut out social programs such as Medicaid and food stamps.”

    Jay Webb, 32, Union electrician, strongly believes that if President Obama is reelected more jobs will be created because that’s what he’s done thus far.

    Webb says that his industry is sluggish right now and that the country needs more jobs so folks can feed their families.

    He thinks that if Romney wins, this will bring about the demise of the middle class.

    “The country will resort back to the Bush era and the rich will stay rich,” said Webb. “Romney will do away with the middle class and their will just be rich and poor people.”

    Trenise Bryant, 44, an organizer with the Miami Workers Center, says that if President Obama wins, then he will have the opportunity to finish what he started.

    She says that President Obama stepped into a pile of mess that Bush got the country involved with and that President Obama needs four more years to complete what he started.

    Bryant says that if Romney wins, the country will go in the opposite direction.

    “Romney will move the country backwards,” Bryant said. “Just the thought of Romney winning scares me, my family and members of the community.”

    Lydan Brown, 27, property appraiser, says if President Obama wins, the country is de-finitely going to get better in terms of providing jobs and education benefits.

    Furthermore, Brown thinks that President Obama will make available long term healthcare for people who presently can’t afford health insurance.

    He says that if Romney wins, the voice of the American people will be stifled.

    “If Romney wins, America will become a third class country,” Brown said. “I truly don’t believe that Romney has the working class people’s best interest at heart.”


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