Why Christians can’t blame homosexuals for wanting to get married

Devin Robinson
Devin Robinson

Why Christians can’t blame homosexuals for wanting to get married

By Devin Robinson

       The debate on marriage has become a very popular and spirited one. Say you don’t believe in same-sex marriage and you are labeled a homophobic. Say you believe everyone deserves happiness and you are labeled anti-Christ. Some believe it should be between a man and a woman while others believe it should also be between same sex couples. The argument should’ve never gotten this far because the problem started prior. The real issue is government should’ve never been allowed to perform marriages in the first place. Marriages came from a religious directive, not a governmental one. The only reason we find ourselves arguing is because government got involved. And when government got involved, the parameters of marriage were all of a sudden changed and re-written at a whim without prayer, meditation or biblical guidance.

    If we think about it, church and state are also in conflict over divorce. Church recognizes a justifiable divorce for only two reasons: death and adultery. State recognizes many more. The issue lies where we have two different entities sanctioning marriages, meanwhile it should’ve always only been one. So what are we arguing for? The church folks are being distracted when what they should really be arguing about and fighting against is government involvement; and government knows this. This is why church folks are becoming frustrated. Christians want our cake and to eat it, too. (I’ll get into that part later.)

    Nonetheless, the minute government grabbed a hold to marriage and sent the message that it could dictate when and where it took place, and eventually to whom, it justifiably became a civil liberty and less of a religious institution in the eyes of homosexuals.

    Since the U.S. Government sends the message that it is the end-all be-all of the globe, and that it has infinite power, then it only makes logical sense that homosexuals go would to it for their rights and demand it change some things about marriage. Christians are late! But the problem is we, like typical humans, want comfort. Now, here is where we want our cake and eat it too. Christians should’ve been vocal when government decided to conduct marriages and protested against it. Bible-toters should’ve seen the writing on the wall when benefits (tax breaks, lower insurance premiums, health benefits, joint property, decision-making capabilities, etc.) were given to those married. It was only sprinkling honey on the future “poison” it would soon ask Christians to eat. Christians, for many years, enjoyed those benefits so do they have a right to confront this modification of marriage that is coming from the government? Should we even recognize marriages that weren’t conducted by a religious leader with a bible and altar? So what we are finding is two types of married folks in society: church married and state married. Church married folks must go to the state (government) to get a license. State married folks don’t need anything from the church. They don’t need a membership card, tithing history and they don’t even have to prove they believe in God. On the surface, the government makes it seem as if it is working with the church, but it is not. It is actually mandating the church. If same-sex marriage becomes a federal law, based on the historical trajectory of the government, I can see them removing the tax-exempt status from churches that refuse to perform same-sex nuptials. What we have today and we have evolved into from the inception of the Bible to now, is the tail wagging the dog. Church once controlled marriages, now, because of Passive want-my-bread-buttered-on-both-sides Christians and economic benefits accepted by the government, government now does the controlling.

    We have to cut beneath the real issue here and somewhat blame ourselves for letting things runaway. If we are at fault, then we should simply not be hypocrites. If we view marriage by government as marriage, then do we really have a strong leg to stand on with this modification? I am not even posing an argument for or against gay marriage. I am simply doing the “I told you so” to passive Christians. We have to watch the dog that brings us the bone. If we are okay getting benefits from government for being married, then we shouldn’t get angry when it decides to pass out benefits to others. We lost the battle when we accepted the confirmation of marriage as receiving a license from the government as opposed to when we make the covenant at the altar to God.


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