Will Black Power be important in 2018 Midterm Election?

Roger Caldwell

Will Black Power be important in 2018 Midterm Election?

By Roger Caldwell

In 2018, the midterm election is critical to American Democracy because elections have consequences. After 2016, the Republicans are in control of both Houses on a federal level and the presidency. As a result of Republicans having ultimate control of political power, Democrats are paralyzed and they must beg and operate like children.

The Democrats can petition the Republican leadership, but the majority of the time their policies are not even considered.

There are many excuses that can be made by Democrats, yet 52% of white women voted for Trump, and the Black community did not show up and vote. For white women, this appeared to be an aberration or a misprint, but this was not a miscalculation, and the experts substantiated the figures.

Something has happened in America, and the power of patriotism and national pride has sweep the country with the election of Trump. This new national pride is code words for white supremacy and racism, and has been utilized by conservatives and Republicans while concealing white rage and violence. According to Yahoo answers in 2016, 93% of Republicans are white, and most likely racists.

“Donald Trump is not an outlier or aberration. In many ways, he perfectly embodies the racist attitudes and beliefs of the Republican Party in the post civil rights era. Likewise, Donald Trump’s supporters have enthusiastically embraced the Republican Party’s racism toward people of color, in general, and against Black Americans, in particular,” says Cheuncey De Vega, reporter at Alternet.

Instead of Trump and the Republicans working to improve America for all residents, they have spent most of their time delegitimizing the policies, and decisions made by the country’s first Black president. The Republican Party has turned into the largest white identity organization in the country, and many believe they have a responsibility to prevent the decline of the white American culture.

The decline of white American culture is code words for there are too many people of color having babies and too many are getting excellent jobs and building successful businesses. As the demographics in the country keep changing, there is nothing that the Republicans can do to reverse the fact that they are a minority in America and on the global stage.

As Trump keeps telling Americans, (who are really white people) that he will make America great again is a lie, he will continue to promote, until people of color and African Americans understand the power of voting is in their hands.

There are more African Americans, people of color, and women running for different offices in the history of voting and elections. This coalition of people of color, women, and progressive whites will change the landscape of voting in America.

Black power in the sixties and the seventies has transitioned itself into multicultural coalitions, which will begin to vote based on knowledge and candidates’ records. The insanity and the racist’s theories and discriminatory policies that candidates support as American patriotism will be exposed as being on the wrong side of history and progress.

“There is a new spirit of Black Pride and Black Power in our communities. Blacks today are rising to the top in every area of business from mortgage banking & finance, real estate, accounting, law, medicine, investment, politics, and retail,” says Darryl Barrs, President/CEO of Program Success.

Black power has morphed and changed into something greater than when it was conceived in the sixties and seventies. Blacks/African Americans must mobilize their communities with the Caribbean, Haitians, and Hispanics, to understand the power of voting in blocks, and building coalitions.

If candidates want the Black communities’ vote, they must spend more money with the Black media and put more offices with paid volunteers in Black neighborhoods. Where are the Black coalitions in 2018?  We still have time to realize our power in the midterm election.

Get engaged, register more Blacks to vote, educate them to what candidates to vote for, and become a leader. Voting is your responsibility as a citizen of America because elections have consequences.


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