Will Republicans Succumb To Deadly Autothysis

John Johnson

Ignorance of History’s Great Empires’ Perilous Fate Ensures One’s Destiny to Succumb to Deadly Autothysis..  John Johnson  II 06/07/23

 By John Johnson II

Normally, autothysis is a process where an animal intentionally destroys itself. But given the current legislative actions undertaken by the Republican Party at both the national and local levels, it’s apparent that autothysis is a condition attributable to the Republican Party. It’s as though they’re willing to sacrifice their lives and families, if necessary, to destroy democracy. How can this be?

The Republican Party recognizes that it’s highly improbable that they will again win a major election.  Therefore, they’ve concentrated on gerrymandering to consolidate, and amass  power at the local and state levels. Consequently, by controlling state governments at all three levels, their chance of regaining the presidency increases.

However, because even these anti-democratic tactics are no guarantee that they’ll be successful, their new strategy is to win the 2024 presidential election even if includes dismantling democracy and  Republicans succumbing to autothysis. But why would humans submit to an instinct currently only associated with animals and insects? What separates humans from animals?

Can Republicans filled with racism, bigotry,  xenophobia, and homophobia no longer exist as humans? Regrettably, European white settlers came  with, or manufactured  reasons to hate, kill, and enslaved nonwhite people.

The Civil War may have saved The Union and ended slavery, but the government continues to nurture the white supremacy ideology.  This government supported and elected by white people has  suppressed and marginalized immigrants, Black people, and any group they deemed unfit according to  their white Christian Evangelical doctrine.

Unfortunately, to this very day,  the Republican Party and millions of  their base of white supremacists remain a part of the conservative side of a divided America. When Republican Rep. Marjorie Green praised the January 6, 2021, insurrectionists as patriots and  Iowa State Rep. Shannon Lundgren demanded that women should carry a dead fetus to term, their state of  autothysis  decomposed.

This divide now grows exponentially by the mere fact that the former president, who attempted to overthrow our government, is the leading  Republican presidential candidate.  DeSantis, Governor, second in the polls, has managed to widen the divide by turning Florida from a free state to a  gun carrying wild west. His   book banning tactics  is  reminiscent of  insane book banning by Senator Joseph McCarthy’s during the 1950s.

Again, America’s government is comprised of two major political parties, Democratic and Republican. Both parties remain divided on three key issues: racial, social, and political. Religion reigns as the  universal moral  determinator of what is inclusive or exclusive. Republicans, on the issue of race,  endorse exclusion for non-whites; for social they’re homophobic; and political, they’re for limited government for themselves. On the other hand, Democrats are for racial inclusion for everyone; for social, they’re progressive; and for political they endorse big government with  endowments for social programs.

Somehow, these simple examples may still  not fully explain the reason for our  Nation’s divide. An analogy involving two football coaches might provide a clearer understanding. Each coach in this  analogy represents the Democratic Team or the Republican. In this instance, “A greatly Improved America,” represents the  Super Bowl  Trophy. Shouldn’t  political parties compete to allow voters to  determine which has the integrity, skills, and plans to “Make America Great for all its people?

The Democratic Coach’s offensive “game Plan” involves lowering taxes for the poor, raising  taxes on the wealthy, expanding health care,  increasing regulations to protect the economy/environment, and hold everyone accountable to the Rule of Law.   The Republican Coach’s offensive game plan involves legislating huge tax breaks for the wealthy, reducing funding for social programs, deregulation of corporations,  restrictions on labor unions, free market,  and selectively applying the Rule of Law.

The Republican coach designed an offensive plan to “Make America Great”  exclusive  of some  people. The Democrat  coach designed an offensive plan to “Make America Great “  inclusive for all people.  Which Coach would rather succumb to ? The autothysis  develops a defensive plan to shut down anyone or anything standing in the way of inclusivity?


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