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Miami Heat: Why Aren’t We Talking Chris Bosh More?

When athletes suffer an injury, people don't look at it as a big deal because most of the time their injuries are not career-threatening. However, what happens when an athlete goes through such a traumatic event in his life that it could be classified as life-threatening? What happens if an athlete could no longer play the game that he loved? For Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat, last year was one of the scarie ...

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Miami Heat: Why You Should Get Used to Coach Spoelstra

“I can go to dark levels when we lose...Every coach does. We’re all manic in some way. We’re all borderline depressed most of the time.”  - Erik Spoelstra Thankfully because the Miami Heat have an 18-11 record there isn't much to get depressed about in the city. The Heat might have of the worst offenses in the entire NBA (ranked 25th in the league) yet this team has overcome many obstacles throughout the se ...

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Miami Heat: Why You Should Slow Down With Hassan Whiteside Expectations

There has only been one person that scored 100 points in a single NBA game. In NBA history, that same person who scored 100 points in a game is also the only person to average 50 points and 20 rebounds for an entire season. In 1962, the great Wilt Chamberlain became the only person to ever accomplish that feat for a season and to this day, his name gets mentioned when people speak about the greatest basketb ...

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Miami Hurricanes: Why Jim Larranaga Could Win ACC Coach of the Year

There aren't many more things on the earth or in life in general that are better for you than dancing. Dancing is so therapeutic and it has many health benefits including keeping the heart pumping blood and giving you oxygen to the brain. Do you want to know what makes Miami Hurricanes head basketball coach Jim Larranaga so good? We'll make it even easier for you too, it has nothing to do with basketball. S ...

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