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Beauregard Cummings is still a force to be reckoned with

Beuerguard Cummings and Commissioner Bobby DuBose

Beuerguard Cummings and Commissioner Bobby DuBose

Beauregard Cummings is still a force to be reckoned with 

 Cummings thanks everyone as he received the city of Fort Lauderdale’s Honored Pioneer Award, as Commissioner Bobby DuBose looks on with humility.

By A’Nassya Bruton

It’s not every day that a person walks into a community and has a significant effect in that habitat and on the people dwelling there. But here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Beauregard Cummings was the one that made that slight difference.

Recently, Cummings has received recognition for all he has done to help the city of Fort Lauderdale. A few days ago Cummings received the Honored Pioneer Award from the city of Fort Lauderdale.

For decades now Cummings has done all he could to help improve his community. He stated, “My task was to make a difference, to get the city of Fort Lauderdale to recognize the Black community.” Since day one he has stood by his mission and continues to do so.

Cummings first work of business was as a community organizer. He worked throughout Broward County to set up organizations and help manage them.

One of his early achievements was setting up a program called M.O.V.E. which stood for, motivation + opportunity + vocational training = employment.

Out of that program branched out an organization called the OIC that stood for  Opportunity Industrialization Center. There, he was the first founder and manager receiving the first national funding of $125,000 for the organization.

Cummings was the first organizer of the Urban League Interest Group, Fort Lauderdale Chapter.

His next project was cleaning up the Northwest branch of the YMCA. Cummings stated “The YMCA was being used by drug dealers and users. So I got all of them out, got grants to remodel it, cleaned it up, and got the YMCA looking like what it is today.”

He has also worked with the city of Fort Lauderdale as Chairmen of Community Service Counsel and served on the cemetery board. He was apart of the hundred-year celebration of Fort Lauderdale as well.

A few years ago he helped the youth groups in Carvers Ranches with integration. He has also helped a homeowners group called Dorsey Riverbend (an organization that gives homeowners a voice) continue to remainrelevent today.

As one could see, Beauregard Cummings is a force to be reckoned with. He has been serving the community of Fort Lauderdale for many years with many more to come.

     Summer interin A’Nassya Bruton is an up and coming Junior at Florida A&M University, seeking a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism.


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