Emmett Till; I Will Still Sing My Song

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Layla Davidson, 13

By Layla Davidson

At school we have an annual Literary Fair Project in which we write a poem, haiku and other genres of writing. I wrote a rhymed verse poem. I wrote on Emmett Till. The title of my poem is Emmett Till: I Will Still Sing My Song. When I write poems I just write a bunch of them and whichever one I like the most is the one that I expand on. Here is my poem below:

Emmett Till; I Will Still Sing My Song

My name is Emmett Till

I was tortured to death

because I whistled. From there

everything went downhill

Momma wanted an open casket

So, they would know what they have done What they did to me was wrong but I will still sing my song

They beat and abused me because

the woman lied

and now my family has cried

You see I was taught to not feed wrong with wrong because that’s not right even though she did me wrong I will still sing my song

In the end, the woman did

admit that she lied

I wanted her to feel my pain

but I know that’s something I won’t gain but I will still sing my song




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