Hampton University students advised on “dangers of twerking” during freshman orientation By Your Black World

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“Hampton ladies do Not twerk,” read a slide presentation welcoming Hampton University’s freshman to orientation. The dance made infamous on YouTube, and even more notorious by Miley Cyrus during her VMAs performance, is apparently not appropriate for the young ladies of Hampton University.

Several photos making the rounds on Twitter seem to confirm that twerking was a part of Hampton University’s orientation, according to Business Insider, which specifically noted these specific points.

Hampton Ladies Do Not Twerk!!!

Hampton Men Do Not Take Twerkers Home To Mother

Employers Do Not Discriminate Between Twerkers And Twerkees

In a statement, Hampton University denied that twerking was banned from both campus and the Instagram accounts of their students, which was previously reported, but confirmed that the dance was addressed in a freshmen orientation class to get student’s attention and warn them about the pitfalls of social media:

     There is a picture of a slide circulating on social media sites that was a part on a presentation to Hampton University freshmen. The slide has been taken out of context. The presentation was on social media and cyber bullying and was titled “Sharing Your World Technologically.” The presenter was cautioning students about posting information and or pictures, that would tarnish their brand, on social media sites. The slide referenced “twerking” because of recent events and to get students’ attention. There was no statement about banning any form of dance or expression.

Although some may’ve criticized the slide presentation, it seems that Hampton should be given credit for setting high standards and teaching young ladies how not to embarrass themselves on social media. The lecture on the “Dangers of Twerking” seems more relevant now than ever before.

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