Justice or just killing us

Dion-HenryJustice or just killing us

By Dedrick D. Henry, Sr.  

     When is AmeriKKKa going to respect, value, and cherish Black life? With the tragic deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, John Crawford and Akia Gurley, we plainly see that being Black in AmeriKKKa means nothing to those in the justice system in its entirety, especially those sworn to protect and serve. We have enough to deal with; economic disparities, unemployment, and inadequate health care; yet they expect us to accept police brutality and murder. In most of the recent instances the individuals were unarmed with real guns and showing no resistance. Would you call it coincidental or by design that the only people being killed or beaten by white police are Black people?

Why were they killed? No justification can be proved to be factual to explain their demise. The justice system continues to fail us while no one is being held accountable for Black lives taken. Those murdered by the police were sons, brothers, uncles, nephews, and friends, but most importantly, they were  fathers. Now their children have to suffer the loss and experience life’s many issues without dad’s support, guidance, and wisdom which are major factors in raising Black children today.

This makes you question the justice system and what determines which cases they are willing to prosecute, or even who they consider for indictments. It really shouldn’t be that hard to indict someone if they have shot and killed an unarmed individual whether they be Black, white, red or blue. In these cases where are the voices that need to be heard? Where are the Black leaders, officials and even preachers? Is it that bad that we have to have silent vigils so our churches won’t be burned down, or is it  that our churches are afraid to lose their 501(C)3 status? Or are things so corrupt that silence is the city’s motto? If so, then that’s a very sad place where cowardice is allowing people to suffer. If nothing is said, then nothing will be done.

I’m all for the protests, marches and picketing, but it must have a purpose and positive impact for the message to be heard. And this must be done constantly to remind  AmeriKKKa  and the ‘Police state’ mentality that we’re not accepting murder. Black boys, Black men and Black women are being dehumanized and executed all across AmeriKKKa by both the white police and white citizens, and something needs to be done fast. Unarmed Renisha McBride, 19, killed on a white man’s porch looking for help in Detroit; Darius Simmons, 13, shot dead in his yard by white neighbor in Milwaukee and Sean Bell, 23, killed a day before his wedding in New York.

My condolences to the families who have lost loved ones to senseless violence and have had no closure. It is through you that your loved ones’ voice will be heard and their names always remembered so they will not have perished in vain.

And for the ignorant Black folks that say this doesn’t affect them because it’s not where they live or their family; “Well, the next time you’re pulled over by a white police officer, jump your Black A— out of the car and see how that ends.”


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