Mitt Romney is like the joke that never ends

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney

Sensible Sue

Mitt Romney has got to be the absolute worse excuse for a politician ever. His endless gaffes, his mechanical personality, his lack of knowledge about what is really going on in the world of politics, and his inability to connect with ordinary people have all been the things, and will continue to be the things that political junkies like myself and late night comedians will continue to get laugh lines off of. I mean seriously, Mitt Romney is like the joke that never ends.

In spite of the fact that Romney has just about as much political talent as a piece of asphalt, I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that the latest Gallup Poll has President Obama and Mitt Romney in a dead political tie. It is now, and actually has been obvious for quite some time that there is something very wrong with the Mittster, I mean the whole dog on top of the car thing should have given anyone with a brain a clue, but I must now focus my attention onto the American people. I mean what the hell? Has the pure hatred of President Obama driven certain segments of the American population completely over the edge?

Here are the facts people, we now have second and even some third world countries with better education systems that some states in our so called union, and Colorado and Mexico are on fire right now, yet Mitt Romney fixed his lips to say that we don’t need any more teachers or firefighters just a couple of days ago. Really? Well who is going to stop all those fires from burning you Jackass?

Now as far as I am concerned, everything about Mitt Romney is what I would categorize as an accidental occurrence, but the choice to continue to follow behind such an obvious and deliberate fool should render anyone guilty of doing so a certifiable nutcase.

And while I am on the subject of Mitt Romney, I have to mention the strange and even creepy revelation that the man actually has a fetish. That’s right, just when we all thought that there couldn’t possibly be anything stranger than we have already seen in regards to Mitt Romney, out jumps another rabbit out of the hat. MSNBC’s the Last World revealed that Mitt Romney has a thing for uniforms.

Now here we have someone who is running for the presidency of the United States of America who did everything in his power to keep himself from wearing any of this nation’s military uniforms during a time when his country needed him most. While young American men were drafted by the thousands to be shipped to Vietnam to either be killed or be permanently injured, Mitt Romney sought and was granted not one, not two, not three, but four military deferments.

The words disgusting, spineless, and weird often come to mind when I think of Mitt Romney and so many of the mindless things that he has done over the years, but there is nothing more despicable than a man who would support a war and happily ride a bicycle around on the streets of France, while his fellow countrymen fought that war that most deemed useless and unnecessary.

My thing is, if you, Mitt Romney, were so in support of thousands of your fellow Americans going over to Vietnam, and you, Mitt Romney were so in favor of your fellow countryman being drafted, then you Mitt Romney, should have dragged your sorry privileged behind over to that God forsaken land to fight just like every other abled bodied man of that era. But you, Mitt Romney chose to display all of your cowardly attributes by tucking your tail and that silver spoon that you were born with between your legs and trouncing your sorry self off to France to convert folks to Mormonism.

The mere fact that Mitt Romney did everything in his power to avoid fighting for his country during a time in American history when his country needed him the most should automatically disqualify him from ever seeking the office of the Presidency of the United States. Not only is it ironic, but it is all out comical that there are so many Romney supporters who have the gall to question the birthplace of our president, but yet fail to question the manhood of a man who would avoid a war by scoring four military deferments. John Kerry and John McCain both wore a military uniform, serving this country with honor, pride and dignity. What about you Mitt Romney?

By far the most disturbing fact about the information that has been revealed about the Mittster is the fact that he refused to wear a uniform in service to his country, but he had no problems wearing a Michigan State Trooper’s uniform and impersonating an officer of the law. The National Memo reported that Mitt Romney, while a freshman at Stanford University bragged to several students that he not only impersonated a cop, but that he even used the uniform that his father obtained for him to make traffic stops.

Now if anyone else in this world pulled a stunt like that and then had the audacity to pull his dorm mates into his room to show off the uniform that he so proudly wore while committing acts that are illegal in every state of the union, not only would they have been locked up somewhere, but there would be less chance of a snowballs survival in Hell that they would ever be as close to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave as Romney is right now.

If this latest revelation surrounding all of the absurdity that is Mitt Romney does not make folks want to take a second look, then I can’t imagine what will. The fact that this man has done the unthinkable and has actually performed traffic stops while impersonating an officer of the law is beyond disturbing, but is more evidence of the sick and twisted person that Mitt Romney actually is. There are a lot of crazy people in the world, but mean, calculating, demented and super rich is a combination that has no business in the White House.

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