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Prove me wrong

Another young Black male gunned down in the street but y’all ain’t gonna do nothing about it….

Okay, so here we are once again, back in what has become a common place in this land that we live in called America. Another young, Black male, with the entire world ahead of him has been gunned down, and once again people are outraged and taking to the streets. Michael Brown, and his friend never expected in a million years, that one of them would die at the hands of a police officer because of a simple stroll down the street.

The protest since Michael’s death have been rampant, and people are outraged as they should be, but the reality of it, as angry as you people claim to be, and as much as you pour out onto the streets and chant “No justice, no peace”, and “Don’t shoot me.”, we all know that nothing more can be expected of you.

Black and minority youth are gunned down in the streets of the United States every single day, and those that are systematically snuffing us out, are doing so with the knowledge that y’all Negroes ain’t going to do a damn thing about it, because the mechanism that they use to murder us with is one that you people absolutely refuse to engage yourselves in, or educate yourselves about, and that is the United States political system.

There are far too many minorities running around this land who still don’t understand that the callous, malicious, and deliberate things that keep on happening to us is because of us, and the one thing that we don’t do, and that is vote. Now before any of you decide that want to send me some hate mail or a hate tweet, here is something for you to consider. Yes, some of you folks did well, and actually got up off of your behinds to elect Barack Obama to the presidency two times, but let’s face it you have been sitting on your dead, lazy, ignorant behinds ever since.

The modern day minority and his ignorance and complacency in regards to politics is a Republican’s muse, a tea party member’s amusement, a self appointed cops mechanism, and a bigot’s dream. I could really care less if y’all get upset because I dare to pull out a piece of paper and a pen and write down the truth about US, but it really is past time for a hard dose of reality.

The reason that the NRA (National Rifle Association) has such a strong hold in our government, and the reason that people like Grover Norquist , a person that has never been elected to any public office, controls the actions of congress is because of the fact that you people chose to stay home during off year elections, and that is why we have a do nothing congress that is made up of right winged nuts, and home grown terrorist, whose only desire and goal in this life is to destroy and irradiate any human that does not look and act like them.

One of the most disgusting things that I heard just last month from two individuals who live in the state of Florida, was that they don’t like politics, and did not want to take any part in the political system. Really; people? What BLACKS and other minorities need to understand is that politics is all that we have. Politics is the breath that this country breathes, and like it or not, politics will control everything that you do from the cradle to the grave. When you choose not to become involved in the political process, you give those that hate you the permission to gun us down in the streets like the animals that they believe that we are.

The question that we all need to ask ourselves is just when are we going to stop complaining about how we are treated, and get our butts to the polls and vote. I can tell you that the Republicans, and those that would really like to see us wiped off of the face of the earth, already know, and count on the fact that y’all ain’t going to do one single solitary thing about the circumstance that we find ourselves in, one of which I have to say once again, that you all helped to create by failing to vote in off year elections. There will be more Trayvon Martins, and yes more Michael Browns until you people see the light.


Now I would be remiss if I failed to mention that sometimes when we vote, we are irresponsible at best when we cast those ballots. We as a people have to stop voting for folks because he or she is Miss Sara’s niece, or simply because they are BLACK, or a member of some other minority group. The nonsense and utter buffoonery going in the town of Timmonsville, S.C. right now is a prime example of what fools do when they get into office.

Timmonsville is another great example of what happens when a strong, intelligent leader like their mayor is elected, and then the people choose to elect a council full of ignoramuses and idiots. This is a town that has a council that chose to vote for a forensic audit on a Tuesday, then reverse their decision on Thursday, after they were given an explanation of what a forensic audit actually is, and what it entails. Now how simple minded can a group of people be? The dysfunction of the United States Congress, has spilled over into main street America, and it is time for BLACK people in this country to stand up and say that we have had enough.

The sad reality is that I know that BLACK folks in this country won’t stand up and put their votes where their mouths are. We will continue to bury our youth, and most of you will continue to march in the streets, and complain, but you will never drag your sorry behinds to the polling station to do the one thing that will truly turn the tide in our direction, and that is VOTE. I dare you to prove me wrong.




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