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Punish gunners

Punish gunners

Dr. John Johnson II

      It is senseless how citizens and legislators react to gun violence. If a driver kills a pedestrian, punish driver, not the car; doctor kills patient, punish doctor, not scalpel, terrorists’ kill citizens, punish terrorists, not weapon of mass destruction. Thus, when a gunner commits a crime, punish gunner, not the gun.

However, in every example cited above, no constitutional amendment or lobbyists should prevent Congress or local governments from enacting laws to ensure the safety of its citizens.  The Second Amendment grants citizens rights to own and to bear arms. Clearly, there are inherent limitations; non-citizens can’t own or bear arms, citizens do not have the rights to own or bear all and unlimited arms manufactured. Also, in the absence of a definition of arms in the Constitution, Congress should be willingly and capable of defining and limiting the types of arms citizens can own and bear (carry).


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