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The Westside Gazette Editorial Board (WEB) sponsors ‘A Slice of Sweet Potato Pie, A Scoop of Ice Cream, & A Side of Politics’

bobbyThe Westside Gazette Editorial Board (WEB) sponsors ‘A Slice of Sweet Potato Pie, A Scoop of Ice Cream, & A Side of Politics’

WEB Political Forums capturing the truth to provide the community with food for thought

By Charles Moseley

On Saturday, April 12, 2014 the Westside Gazette Editorial Board (WEB) will feature political candidates running in local, state, and national races to go before voters during a three hour political forum from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, at the Mt. Hermon AME Church, Life Center located at 400 N.W. Seventh Terr. in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The WEB political forum, titled, “Sweet Potato Pie, Politics & Ice Cream”, is a grass roots effort spearheaded by WEB, to make politicians more accessible to voters within Broward’s African American community and to focus attention on issues which have a direct impact on their community.

    “The Westside Gazettes Editorial Board or The WEB were looking for ways to present political information for our community and our readers so one of the things that we thought about was how a particular people are brought together based upon some similarities on food. We tossed around some ideas and agreed upon sweet potato pie as a familiar and welcomed desert amongst many people in general and Black folk in particular,” explained  Westside Gazette Publisher, Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

Of course with sweet potato

pie you need some home-made ice cream so with that came the catch phrase, “Sweet Potato Pie, Politics & Ice Cream.”

“We wanted to have an intimate setting that was different from other political forums that would give the candidates, to include the judicial aspirants, an opportunity to actually sit down with the voting body and have a one-on-one, if you will, to have some personal contact.                     With this idea we thought that we would provide an atmosphere where we would have some 20-25 politicians to come in and talk to tables of 10 citizens each at a set time limit then they would rotate, so voters could get an idea for who they would be voting for,” added Henry.

Historically, voters have a tendency to stay away from the polls during mid-term elections. Because of thid the forum organizers also felt the need to try to help motivate voters while educating them concerning the issues.

They also felt the need to mobilize people to register and most importantly exercise their right to participate in the political process during the upcoming mid-term elections in 2014.

Event organizers plan on having candidates from every level running for office; from the local up to the national level, including races featuring candidates running for; Broward County Judiciary, Broward County School Board, State House of Representatives, State Attorney General, State Gubernatorial , and the U.S. Congress all have been invited to participate.

“We expect an 85 percent turn out to represent bi-partisan candidates across party lines. We wanted our readers to actually get a chance to touch and feel these politicians and to judge for themselves as opposed to waiting for the time to roll a-round when these politicians come to the churches, and when voters are bombarded with TV advertising. We wanted them to put their hands on them.”

“What we have also noticed is that unfortunately neither party has had a  major “Get Out The Vote” campaign or actually provided any financial support concerning getting out the vote toward people who look like me or the people who we reach.”

“The first thing we want to happen is that people really be-

begin to pay attention to and understand that all politics are local. That’s where the information and the need   should be focused on-locally. If we under-stand that, then we can begin to take part in this process of politics, in electing our officials. That’s one of the main things we want to happen.”

“The second thing we hope to provide an atmosphere so that voters become non-fearful of getting involved in the political process. Even though they may not wear a shirt or tie or live in a house don’t let that stop you from understanding or getting involved in the political process. These people represent all of us. We need to hold them accountable for all of us. We don’t want our readers to be fearful of ever getting involved in the political process. So please come on out and join us for “A Slice of Sweet Potato Pie, A Scoop of Ice Cream, & A Side of Politics,” added Henry.

Attention! Attention! Help us to Get Out the Vote (GOTV)!!! We are awarding to the organization to include churches-(NO CHILDREN) who will have the most participants at our Sweet Potato Pie, Politics and Ice Cream event: $300 for the most; $125 for second place and $75 for third place. We all must become informed and educated voters, help us to do this.     



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