Time unfolds the evolution of changing social values

Derek Joy
Derek Joy

Time unfolds the evolution of changing social values

By Derek Joy

Time is neverending.

And so it is, another year comes to an end. Yes, 2014 is all but gone and 2015 is ready to start anew.

Pretty much like the words of a song  recorded long ago. Can’t remember the title or the artists.  Just the refrain, “Ain’t it funny how time just slips right on away. . .”

People of color embrace the thoughts therein with keen familiarity. Time passes without much progress away from self destruction, without much progress towards getting a fair shake from the governing body built on institutional racism.

The ills of that system permeates the structure of Black American communities. Such communities are infested with low incomes, high unemployment, an assortment of crimes, in-cluding the drug trade and rampant violence.

Black on Black crime is what it is.  Worst of all is the constant drive-by shootings. Brazen thugs simply pick defenseless targets, blast away and drive away fearing neither capture nor punishment.

I talked with the eldest of my four sisters – Ruby – following the holiday drive-by shootings.  First on Christmas in Overtown, where two were killed and four seriously wounded. A day later, more drive-by shootings in Liberty City, Coconut Grove, and again in Overtown.

“I don’t understand these people,” she said.  “May they’re just crazy.  They need to do something about that.”

Doing something about such heinous crimes has plagued religious, community, political and business leaders.  The tragedy is that they all do and say virtually nothing of consequence until it hits close to them.

Granted.  It is somehow perceived as shocking when the two police officers were shot and killed in New York and one in Tarpon Springs, Fla.  Politicians start talking.

Sure. Killing a public servant entrusted with serving and protecting the public does challenge social values.  But, so, too, should the drive-by shootings that injure and kill innocent, defenseless people.

For reasons of a selfish nature related to personal power and gain, the so called leaders ignore the reasoning of city of Miami District 5 Commissioner Keon Hardemon, who categorized such violent behavior as “Domestic Terrorism.”

No doubt about it. People are being wounded and killed, property vandalized and destroyed. They live in fear of suffering the same fate should they identify any of the perpetrators.

That is terrorism. Yet little or nothing is being said or done about it. In-stead, we see the trend perpetuating the perverted reality of how silence is golden. Just like that. Selling themselves for 30 pieces of silver.

Consequently, the changing social values are not really changing at all.  They simply shift the scenes and players.

So much to consider, so little time and even less constructive action to secure and preserve the quality of life for people of color.  Meanwhile, enjoy a very happy and prosperous New Year.


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