Trump’s A  Political Pimp

John Johnson

“Political pimps and those who fall prey  shall not escape the wrath of voters or the rule of law.”   John Johnson II 05/15/24

By Jonn Johnson II

Trump as America’s 45th president won this election despite having revealed compromised integrity, immorality, and explicit racism. Regardless of his character flaws, Trump realized that just as in business there are millions of voters available for exploitation and gullible enough to fulfill his selfish ambitions. Thus, began Trump’s consummate role as America’s presidential political pimp.

For the novice, American Heritage Dictionary describes a pimp as an individual skilled at getting “others to compromise one’s principles, especially in promoting the interests of another, for personal gains.” This version offers a clearer understanding of what constitutes a political pimp.  Heritage’s more salacious definition describes a pimp as “a man who manages and often, controls prostitutes and their earnings.”

One of Trump’s narcissistic pimping tactics evolved with his launching of the “birther movement” against Obama. He used this tactic to ignite the racism and bigotry sentiments that exist throughout the core of America’s society and government. He rode this strategy, along with his stench of immorality, straight to the White House.

Becoming president highlighted Trump’s self-aggrandizement for achieving this milestone. This could’ve been a chapter in his book, “The Art of The Deal.” Unfortunately, Trump with the attention span of a ten-year old, and the political IQ of the Wizard of Oz, reigned as the Commander-In-Chief with access to nuclear codes. This analogy says more about the intellect and integrity of Republican Congresspersons and their voters. Sadly, he’s their presumptive presidential candidate for 2024.

This brings us to another crucial factor. How does Trump lure his victims to become political complicit servants? What are   the defining character flaws or social needs that cause individuals to become prime candidates for a political pimp such as Trump?

Trump as a political pimp lured his prey by boasting about having wealth, power, and   powerful/rich friends. He also used threats of retribution to coerce submission. As president, he exploited his presidential powers to appoint judges, SCOTUS justices, and Cabinet Members. Executive Orders and Pardons were issued as well for political gains.

Trump is known to have procured prostitutes primarily for his own sexual pleasures, such as Stormy Daniels. He then pimped/exploited Michael Cohen for the purpose of paying hush money to Stormy Daniels to squelch their sexual interlude. Here, Trump acting as pimp, exploited both his call girl and his attorney for his personal gains.

However, Trump appears to have preferred acting as a political pimp. This role allowed him to advance his political career, increase his wealth, and shield himself from facing accountability for violating US government laws regarding Top Secret Documents and state election finance laws.

If you’ve noticed, Trump bragged about surrounding himself with loyal talented men and beautiful women. He’s proven quite adept at selecting individuals willing to compromise their integrity, ethics, and morality.

Trump’s cynical political pimping tactics included showering staff with positive adulations and access to his sphere of power and influence. These skills allowed him to control and manipulate others to achieve his selfish, illegal, and criminal exploits. Thankfully, he misjudged Mike Pence’s integrity!

Amazingly, Trump cleverly leaked names of perspective Vice Presidential choices as a pimping tactic. He did this to lure gullible running mates. Billionaires and even Senator Rubio, who Trump humiliated, easily fell prey to this pimping strategy.

Trump’s VP candidates’ luring tactic was quite successful. Consequently, he’s decided to turn the courtroom, where he’s standing trial, into a pageantry filled with aspiring Republican VP hopefuls. House Speaker, Mike Johnson, as a favorite, might have a leg-up. Do these men have no shame, behaving as spineless pageantry props? At least Stormy Daniels has attempted to save America from Trump, a political pimp!

To fully grasp the threats of Trump’s behavior as a political pimp to our democracy, one only needs to focus on the January 6, 2021, insurrection, and the complicit behavior of Judge Aileen Cannon. Also, the depraved loyalty of Michael Cohen and the near lynching of VP Mike Pence revealed that Trump’s a dangerous political pimp.

Trump’s political pimping behavior is on a path to exceed those of America’s most notorious pimp, Robert Beck, better known as “iceberg Slim.”  And the late Dennis Hof, Navada’s most famous pimp, once “marketed himself as a Trump-style Republican.”

Fortunately, there are no excuses for not knowing what you need to know! Right now, Trump’s not the only one on trial. America’s democracy, the entire Judicial System, and the rule of law are all on trial.  Lady Justice had better  drop her sword and  hold the Scales of Justice firmly with both hands.

Trump, the political pimp, brags about having ensured SCOTUS’ is packed with six conservative  justices. Now as their benefactor/pimp, he’s patiently waiting for them to  repay him with an “Absolute Immunity check.” If they dare issue such a check, voters are prepared to make sure he’ll never get an opportunity to cash it. As in chess, the voters will say loud and clear with their votes to Trump, “CHECKMATE !”



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