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Why do republicans want to destroy President Obama?

John Bochner and President Barack Obama

John Bochner and President Barack Obama

Why do republicans want to destroy President Obama?

By Roger Caldwell

America must come to terms with race relations, and the reality of Black people in politics. A transformation in America took place when President Obama won the highest office in the land. Political leadership will not be controlled exclusively by white men anymore. As this change takes place men with money and power will learn that the people make the decisions with their vote.

Rush Limbaugh and the conservatives, the Tea Party, and members in the Republican Party do not care about the country, because their only agenda is to stop President Obama. They have proved this by being against anything President Obama is for. Americans are being hurt and devastated by their thinking, and they don’t care.

The amazing and frightening thing about this conservative and Tea party element is that they believe that they are right. They are stuck in the mud with their ideas, and they refuse any changes, because they have tunnel vision. When the country in 2007 was having the worst recession since the depression, the federal regulators thought they were doing a good job.

As President Obama moves into his sixth year in office Republicans are getting more up-set, because a Black man is leading the country, and the Attorney General another Black man Eric Holder is enforcing the rules. The President and the attorney general are fundamentally introducing ground breaking initiatives that will bring transparency and fairness into the system. Their initiatives are forcing the old corrupt leadership to change the way they do business in the country.

Attorney General Eric Holder is holding states accountable for voting rights and stopping states that are trying to sup-press the vote. He is also fighting for criminal justice reforms; where felons after completing their time, they are given back their rights to vote. These ideas are compassionate and they make sense, but the conservatives still follow the hard line.

Instead of supporting the president and the attorney general, the Republicans are spending all their time finding out what is wrong with a project, as opposed of what is right with the project. Millions of Americans who never had health insurance are signing up for the program, but the Republicans are still trying to repeal the law. They rather look for a problem and say the President is lying, as opposed to he did a good job.

In 2014, no one wants to talk about individual and systematic racism but it still exist. When representatives in Congress say racial slurs and create images of monkeys when they talk about the President, we all know they are stuck in the Jim Crow period, when Blacks were thought of as second class citizens.

Based on the conservatives, the Tea Party, and Republicans’ behavior toward race relations, they refuse to move the clock forward, and they practice white supremacy. Col Lawrence Wilkerson, a self-identified Re-publican and was Gen. Colin Powell’s chief of staff told the truth about the majority of members in his party.

“Let me just be candid. My party is full of racists. And the real reason a considerable portion of my party wants President Obama out of the White House has nothing to do with the content of his character, nothing to do with his competence as Commander in Chief and President, and everything to do with the color of his skin,” says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson.

In the younger generation things are changing and the older generation is being challenged. Race relations in America are improving, because there is a transformation of power and minorities are wining political positions at every level. But remember, racism is entrenched in every aspect of the country and system, and Americans of good will must continue to fight when racism raises its ugly head.


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