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BankUnited & Jarvis Landry Are Holding a Contest for a Grand Prize

BankUnited & Jarvis Landry Are Holding a Contest for a Grand Prize

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry and corporate sponsor BankUnited have teamed up. They will provide a winning student a chance to win $1,000 cash.

While teaming up with BankUnited, one of the corporate sponsors of the Miami Dolphins, wide receiver Jarvis Landry is holding a competition.


Landry is helping full-time Florida students from ages 13 to 18 a chance to have a head start with their own personal savings account.

The grand prize winner will receive $1,000 for submitting an essay in the 4 Downs for Finance literacy contest. All full-time Florida high school students can register online at The last time to register for the competition is December 19th. Additionally, the website also gives money tips for the students in order to help them gain more financial literacy.

All contestants will have the ability to win an autographed football by Landry. Furthermore, there will be 12 selections for the secondary prize winners. In addition, winners will also get to hear their name read on live radio during one of the Dolphins broadcasts. As for the lucky winner, they’ll get the opportunity to not only get the $1,000 cash prize, but they’ll also get the opportunity to meet with Landry himself.

“Together with Jarvis and the Miami Dolphins, it is our goal to inspire young people to take an interest in learning about finances early on,” said BankUnited President, Florida Region Thomas M. Cornish. “At an age when many students are beginning to earn their first paychecks, 4 Downs for Finance teaches them the importance of getting a head start on learning about money.”

For more information on 4 Downs for Finance please visit

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