Frankly Speaking

By W. Frank Wilson

Memphis is once again a city with the eyes of the nation focused on it!

Unlike 1968 The Female African American Police Chief was swift and deliberate in her handling of her officers and their conduct.

This incident is not a good look for dedicated officers who take law enforcement seriously.

Unfortunately, some who are hired to Serve the public on serves them with weapons and insults and injuries it is sad commentary when the Crime Stoppers become the Criminals.

Lawmakers concerned about re election only will not put teeth into Law Enforcement Reform and so we keep getting More of the Same.

The behavior of a few shouldn’t be an indictment upon the entire profession of Law enforcement, but it does beg the question.

Who Do You Trust?

It is becoming increasingly clear that many cowards hide behind the badge to carry out deep seeded anger and sometimes dangerous political positions.

Black on Black crime is what we saw In Memphis not an exercise nor execution of one’s duty as a sworn officer of the law.

Frankly Speaking, it’s not a comforting feeling when law enforcement becomes law breakers.

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