Civil Rights Groups File Lawsuit Demanding Better Conditions in Broward County Jail

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), ACLU of Florida and the Disability Rights Florida filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of individuals being held in dangerous conditions in Broward County Jail that threaten to speed the spread of the coronavirus among prisoners and staff. The lawsuit demands that the Sheriff’s Office immediately release medically vulnerable prisoners to home confinement or under other conditions so that their already heightened odds of contracting the virus and falling deathly ill are not exacerbated. […]


Election Data Sits in a Database: County Election Office Is Denied Access

 The Supervisor of Election, as defined by Florida statutes, is the custodian of all election documents and records, from voter registration to candidate filings and election results. So, you can imagine my surprise when a senior election office official acknowledged that while they maintain custody of the Microsoft SQL Server database where all votes are recorded, no one in the office can log into the database or query its data. […]


COVID-19 another death threat inside of hell

     Allow me to be the one to tell you a secret, to share something with you that most of these men in here won’t even allow themselves to say out loud, where men in prison began to understand the reality of what the Corona virus was, the dynamics and method by which it unleashed death and the circumstances that accelerated the speed at which it could spread. […]

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Necessary protest

In my opinion, I believe that protesting is necessary because it is one way  our voices can be heard. I’m thankful for the Black Lives Movement because it’s a movement that changes the way we are treated by fighting for our freedom, liberation and justice. […]