Coronavirus Report: July 20, 2020

By Marsha Mullings, MPH


3.7 million cases, 140,477 deaths


350,047 cases, 21,309 total hospitalizations, 5,091 deaths


38,839 cases, 2,775 total hospitalizations, 493 deaths

     There were 80,236 new coronavirus cases in Florida last week.

     An average of 11,500 new cases are identified each day.

     The rate of positive tests is 12%, up from 5% in the beginning of May.

     Miami-Dade County is the hotspot for this dramatic rise in new coronavirus infection.

Important to know

     *No one is immune from this virus. Younger individuals are less likely to develop severe symptoms from Covid-19, but they are NOT immune to developing serious manifestations of Covid-19.  We are all vulnerable to this virus.

     *Silent spreaders in households. Coronavirus-infected individuals without symptoms may be a critical source and spreader of coronavirus within their households. This is especially concerning for households where grandparents are living with their children and grandchildren. The virus can spread easily in these multigenerational households and can be particularly risky for older individuals.

     *New lockdowns may be coming. Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties are considering reinstating shelter-in-place orders to stem the tide of new infections occurring in these counties. Decisions have not been made yet.

     *Federal unemployment compensation ($600 weekly) will end on July 25. The federal unemployment compensation of $600 is set to expire on July 31. In effect, these payments will end after July 25. The Florida employment compensation of $275 weekly will still be paid to eligible individuals.

Protect yourself

       *Mask, mask, mask, when out in public. Face coverings can greatly reduce the transmission of coronavirus.

       *Avoid crowded, indoor areas.

       *Wash and sanitize hands as often as needed

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