Corralling the crack vote

Lucius Gantt
Lucius Gantt

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Corralling the crack vote

By Lucius Gantt

      Conservatives hire political consultants that can generate votes from their “base” of Tea Party members, military personnel, small business owners, corporate big wigs and others.

The “truck vote” is a Republican vote today and everyday because the GOP knows how to influence and turn out their voter base.

In past years, the Republican Party has hired anybody and everybody that could help Republican Party candidates win.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s it was not unusual to see whites, Blacks, Democrats, independents and people with no party affiliations all working together to get Republicans elected in predominately Democratic states like Florida.

When Dale Padgett and Jim Rathbun coordinated Republican legislative campaigns in the Sunshine State years ago they hired a Black political consultant to handle all of their statewide media production and placement.

Yes, it was a Black political consultant that wrote Republican ads calling for the death penalty, lower taxes and other conservative-type issues.

The Republicans did what they had to do to win, they won and now they dominate politics in the Sunshine State!

After political defeat after defeat, Democratic Parties in America thought the way they could take back the government was to be more “Republican” than Republicans.

Democrats ignored liberals and liberal issues, they ignored students, ignored Hispanics, ignored women and totally discarded any ideas of cultivating their most loyal base of Black voters because courting Black voters wouldn’t be considered as being conservative.

Now, Democrats are spending money hiring women. Democrats are hiring Hispanics. Democrats are taking about birth control and immigration.

Problem is, many women still vote Republican and so do many Hispanics.

The only group of voters that vote in overwhelming percentages for Democratic candidates are African American voters.

Black voters always put Democrats first and Democrats always put Blacks last because the highest paid Democratic consultants say “don’t spend money generating Black votes because Blacks are so dumb they will vote for Democratic candidates” no matter how uncaring, how insensitive, how disrespectful or how racist they may be.

Sadly, the consultants are partially right.

Of the 25 percent or 35 percent of registered Black voters that always vote, about 90 percent of them will vote Democratic.

But GOP consultants know if only 35 percent of registered Black voters go to the polls, Democratic candidates won’t even be able to win a rat race!

To win national or statewide elections, Democrats must turn out an extraordinary number of Black voters and all of those voters must vote Democratic.

White Democrats can never get the number of Black votes that President Obama got but they must get well over 50% of registered Black voters to cast ballots to have a chance.

So does the national and state Democratic Parties rush to hire qualified Blacks that can influence Black voters and get Blacks to the polls?

I know the answer to the question but history is the very best teacher, not me.

Blacks recently hired by Democratic Parties over the last two decades have failed miserably if you discount the love and willingness of Blacks to vote for and support Obama when the President ran.

Even when the President won, white Democratic candidates could not ride into office on the President’s coat tails because Black voters are smarter than the average dumb Democratic consultants.

What happened? What is happening?

It’s about the base! Democrats disrespect their most loyal voter base!

It seems if you want to help Democratic candidates you have to do a few things. First you have to donate money to the party to pay white consultants and to purchase white media. You have to beg party administrators and negro politicians that will help you beg party officials. You have to be willing to be controlled. And you have to agree to never tell Black voters the political truth.

As I’ve said before, Black political sheep can always recognize the voice of the Black political shepherd because Black voters have heard that honest voice before. Democrats feel all they have to do is shout, we’ve hired Jezebel, we’ve hired Jemima and we have Sambo on retainer for a week or two so we will win!

Where did all of those Black votes come from that Obama got? They came from ghettos, they came from barrios, they came from street corners, they came from homeless shelters and they also came from crack houses and dope dealers!

If Democrats refuse to hire Black consultants that can go into Black communities and influence and generate all Black voters, Democrats are doomed to die another political death!

Republicans can get the truck vote. Democrats need to hire consultants that can create a campaign plan that will corral the “crack vote”, so to speak! (meaning high paid consultants must craft a message that motivates people to stop daily activities and take a moment to cast a vote for desired candidates)

Henry Crespo, leader of The Florida Democratic Black Caucus, had excellent plans and strategies to work with community leaders to generate votes in African American neighborhoods but his efforts were shot down by political neocolonialists who sought out white Democratic Party leaders and urged them not to work with Black people that Black voters trusted.

The Black political puppets apparently threw Henry Crespo under the bus! Negroes hating and criticizing Black people always happens when fake leaders tell white party leaders and politicians not to work with Blacks that can generate the Black votes needed to win an election.

Some of the politicians that look like you think like your enemies and are nothing more than political backstabbers!

Bad candidates plus bad political strategy plus incompetent consultants equal a bad election day for the you know what party! (Buy Gantt’s book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” online or at any major bookstore and contact Lucius at



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