There are many takeaway from last week’s Election Day victories but one thing is certain: Democrats are back in a big way. We won because Democrats were united around our values, worked in partnership with groups across the country and elected diverse Democrats up and down the ballot. Below is a brief summary of electoral gains for key Democratic constituencies:


The victories that we celebrated last Tuesday would not have been possible without the massive support from the African-American men and women who made up about a fifth of the commonwealth’s electo-rate. As a cornerstone of our party, black voters set the tone for future elections, and paved the way for government that truly represents them. Here is just a small sample of the notable African-Ameri-can Democratic victories:

  • Justin Fairfax, VA: Virginia lieutenant governor-elect, second-ever African American elected to statewide office in Virginia
  • Sheila Oliver, NJ: Lt. Governor-elect, New Jersey’s first African American lieutenant governor
  • Jennifer Carroll Foy, VA: House of Delegates 2nddistrict
  • Brendon Barber, SC: Georgetown mayor-elect, first-ever African American mayor of Georgetown
  • Mary Parham-Copelan, GA: Milledgeville mayor-elect, first-ever female African American mayor of Milledgeville


The victories of electing Latino leaders across the country represent a triumph for our American values and the enduring promise of the American Dream. Latinos sent a loud and clear message to Donald Trump: We will not live in fear. We will fight back. And we will win. Here is a small sample of the notable Latino Democratic victories:

  • Elizabeth Guzman, VA: Flipped the House of Delegates 31st district, first Latina elected to the seat
  • Hala Ayala, VA: Flipped the House of Delegates of 51st district, first Latina elected to the seat
  • Andy Vargas, MA:  Elected to represent the 3rd Essex District, becoming one of the youngest state representatives in the state’s history
  • Michelle De La Isla, KS: Topeka mayor-elect, Kansas first Hispanic mayor
  • Cathy Murillo, CA: Santa Barbara mayor-elect, first Latina mayor of Santa Barbara


The election of Asian American and Pacific Islander candidates – many of them running for the first time – in Virginia, New Jersey, Washington, and across America were resounding victories for the community. The AAPI community is one of the fastest-growing communities in the country and will continue to be crucial to victories in swing states and key races in the future. Here is a small sample of the notable AAPI Democratic victories:

  • Manka Dhingra, WA: Flipped Washington’s 45th Senate District, giving Democrats control of all branches of state government
  • Kathy Tran, VA:  First Asian-American woman to be elected to the Virginia House of Delegates
  • Vin Gopal, NJ: Flipped New Jersey’s District 11 Senate seat
  • Ravi Bhalla, NJ: Mayor-elect of Hoboken, first Sikh mayor to be elected in the state of New Jersey
  • Kelly Fowler, VA: Flipped Virginia’s House of Delegates 21st district



Women are leading the resistance against President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Republican lawmakers across the country who are attacking women’s rights and working families like never before. Here is a small sample of the notable women Democratic victories:

  • Vi Lyles, Charlotte, NC: Vi Lyles, first African American female mayor elected in Charlotte
  • Deborah Gonzalez, GA: Flipped 117th House District
  • Erika Connors, NH: Flipped New Hampshire’s Hillsborough 15 district
  • Kelly Fowler, VA: Flipped House of Delegates 21st district
  • Joyce Craig, NH: First female mayor elected in Manchester



The results on Tuesday were a giant step forward for LGBTQ Americans and most notably the triumph of a number of openly transgender candidates elected for office. This is only the beginning as LGBTQ Democrats will be front and center in the elections going forward. Here is a small sample of the notable LGBTQ Democratic victories:

  • Danica Roem, VA: Elected to the House of Delegates, first openly transgender state representative elected in Virginia’s history
  • Jenny Durkan, WA: Mayor-elect of Seattle, first lesbian mayor of Seattle and woman to be elected as mayor since 1920
  • Andrea Jenkins, MN: Elected to Minneapolis City Council, first-ever openly transgender African American woman elected to U.S. public office
  • Zachary DeWolf, WA: Seattle’s first openly gay school board member.
  • Lisa Middleton, CA: First transgender person elected to Palm Springs city council


Democratic millennial leaders were elected to state legislature seats in Virginia and New Jersey, many of whom flipped critical seats from red to blue. Millennials are inspiring others across the country into public service and to help the people in their communities. Here is a small sample of the notable millennial Democratic victories:

  • Schuyler VanValkenburg, VA: Virginia House of Delegates 72nd district
  • Chris Hurst, VA: House of Delegates 12th district
  • Jerrauld Jones, VA: House of Delegates 89th district
  • Joel McAuliffe, MA: elected to Chicopee Ward 1 City Council
  • Derek Dobosz, MA: elected to Chicopee Ward 6 City Council


Across the country, Democrats celebrated several veterans who continued their service to country and were elected to public office. They continue to use the invaluable leadership experience gained during their military careers for the greater good and know that values like honor, courage, and commitment are not just words. Here is a small sample of the notable veterans elected to Democratic victories:

  • Ralph Northam, VA: Virginia Governor-elect, former U.S Army doctor during Desert Storm
  • Lee Carter, VA: Elected to the House of Delegates 50th district, former U.S Marine
  • David Reid, VA: Elected to the House of Delegates 32nd district, former U.S. Naval Reserve Intelligence Officer
  • Mayor Steve Fulop, NJ: Re-elected as mayor of New Jersey City


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