Getting Ready to Rumble on the Field and in Politkicks

Trails in the Sand by Peter Traceit, the Street Detective

The sand trails are light and Ol’ Pete is gliding through with ease. Pete has been keeping an ear to the ground trying to learn about candidates who may be entering upcoming races. The Detective has been vocal that no political seat should go unchallenged; however, it is not the brightest idea to run a seat with five or six challengers, either. Lest we forget the lesson from the Alcee Hastings’ congressional replacement and the Dr. Rosalind Osgood District 5 School Board replacement?

Strategy is important and early planning is essential.

Only in Broward do candidates gear up for their races more than a year in advance. But Ol’ Pete is finding the sound of silence eerily loud this time around.

The seat for District 5 is up and mums the clear word for a challenger for the good doctor, Jeff Holness. Street whispers tell Ol Pete that Pastor Jimmy Witherspoon’s name might be scribbled in the sand along with Ruth Carter Lynch. No leads on whether the 5,000 Role Model Legend, Antonio Burgess, will be making a run. Burgess was the favorite last election cycle. However, a crowded race of like candidates forced voters to choose, and it knocked Burgess into a number three spot that didn’t allow him to make the runoff.

Another rumor swirling around in the sand is Areatha Wimberly of Grandma, How you doing? Wimberly has become an active and vocal 33311 child and family advocate. She has been extremely outspoken about the school she worked in where she believed she was let go unfairly. Pete is thinking she can join Nora Rupert, Debra Hixon and Sara Leonardi, who were all teachers before they became Board members.

While the district five seat was one of the most sought-after seats to replace Oz, the trail has run pretty cold with only a few rumors and whispers of possible candidates. Hope the trail warms up soon.

Pete’s snooping led to the School Board meeting where discussions around Markham Elementary left the Detective amused. All Pete could muster under bated breath was “out of sight, out of mind”. As Markham’s construction challenges were being discussed, the Chief of Staff and Deputy Superintendent of Operations were tight-lipped about the direction given to them about Markham from interim superintendent, Earlean Smiley, months earlier. Smiley, on the other hand, is sitting pretty and smiling with wide lips while enjoying retirement at a slew of venues. Traceit was able to see Smiley and her husband, Roy, at the FAMU-JSU Orange Bowl Classic a week ago enjoying the convenience of skybox seating.

Ol’ Pete misses Ol’ Smiley and her leadership, but I’m sure Ol’ Smiley doesn’t miss Ol’ Pete. Unlike Smiley and her husband who are retired from the sands, working and dragging the sands continue for Pete.

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