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Kamala Harris for President

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Kamala Harris for President


Nicole Nutting

Nicole Nutting

Don Valentine

Don Valentine

By Don Valentine – Nicole Nutting

     He Said: Pigs will fly before another Black person gets elected to be President in this generation. Let alone a woman!  Senator Harris has a better chance of winning a beauty pageant than becoming President.

     Granted she has the requisite political resume to legitimately put her hat in the ring. She matriculated from San Francisco District Attorney to become the A.G. for California. Her academic pedigree, to be kind, is meager at best. There is absolutely No Way a Howard graduate could compete for the highest office in the land.  Recent history reflects our Presidents being alumnus from all the top schools.

There were 6 that graduated from Harvard [including that Black guy], and 3 from Yale. Plus Georgetown, Columbia and Duke to round out the list.

She Said: Kamala Harris had the guts to grill the US Attorney General in a Congressional hearings, which gained her national attention. She has the brains, the experience, and the fire. The precedent has already been set for a person of color to hold the job. She just needs to shatter the “glass ceiling” which all professional women face.

He Said: Let’s be realistic- behind closed doors women want a Man to be the leader of the free world!  In the September 2017 issue of the “Guardian” they cited that Clinton won just 54% of women – a percentage point less than her male predecessor atop the Democratic ticket.

    She Said: No man is an expert on what women think behind closed doors! Don’t forget, Clinton won the popular vote in 2016 despite being undermined by Russian meddling and Right Wing propaganda. The majority has already decreed a female president is acceptable -Gerrymandering is all that actually prevented it.

He Said:  Click your heels Dorothy, this is not the Wizard of Oz. Stanford Provost, Condoleezza Rice could foresee she would never ascend past Secretary of State.

She said: Senator Harris has more experience working within the political system than the incumbent. It wouldn’t be the first time a Junior Senator rose to the top. She could turn out to be the female Obama!


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