Keon, Nathan and Samara Rawls on the first day of school.

Keon, Nathan and Samara

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Samara Rawls

By Samara Rawls

This week, many students have started to go back to school. I started my freshman year of high school this year, and my first day was August 19, 2020. I would like to share my experience with you all on how school was like going back during a pandemic.

On August 18, our school hosted a preview day, where we were able to see where our classes were and meet our teachers. Then the next day, we went to school for this first day, but it was completely different.

To comply with the CDC(Center for Decease Control and Prevention), not all students could be in school, so our school has a division plan. They divided us up into two groups, the first group were people with last names A-L; they were the Navy group. The second group were people with the last names M-Z; they were the Gold group, which I am in.

The two groups alternate every day, so one day the Gold group goes in, and the Navy group learns from online, and the next day the Navy group goes in, and the Gold group stays home.

The first day I was able to go in because it was a Gold day.

Before we were allowed to get out of our cars, we had to get our temperature checked and if it was below 100.4 degrees, we were allowed inside the building. We had to wear a mask at all times while on campus, but once class started and we were all seated, we were able to take off our mask and wear a face shield.

Once I was in the building, I had to go straight to my first class, which was biology. We were not allowed to stop and talk with friends. Another protocol our school did to keep us safe was to  prevent the use of lockers.

For the first semester of school, we have to carry all of our books in our backpack, because it is tough to apply social distancing while at lockers.

During my first class, we talked about what the course was going to look like, and everything we were going to study. I had seven other classes that day, and they pretty much looked the same.

While in the classes, the seats are all distanced at least six feet apart. During lunch, the school split us into early lunches, and late lunches to avoid all of the students gathering. I had an early lunch, and during lunch, only three people were allowed to sit together at a table. After lunch, I went to the rest of my classes, and before I knew it the day was over.

The procedure for dismissal was that everyone had to be in their car before 3:20, or we would have to go into the cafeteria and wait until our parents arrived. Overall, I feel blessed I am able to at least go on the campus of my school, and see some of my friends, rather than to be entirely online. I hope everyone had a great first day of school, and I am looking forward to a fantastic year.

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