Oprah Winfrey 2020 Vision visits South Florida

By Kimberly Harmon

       We have not only entered a New Year, we have entered a New Decade. On the 1st Saturday of the new year and decade, over 15,000 people filled the BB&T Center for an interactive day of learning and introspection with Oprah Winfrey and several special guests. According to Winfrey, the greatest gift we can give ourselves is to live a healthier, stronger, and more vibrant life. This is the time of transformation.

Attendees where asked the guiding questions: What in my life needs my full attention… my focus? What makes me feel energized, connected, and empowered? Discussion and exercises designed to nourish the mind, body, and spirit were utilized. Attendees were challenged to find their Wellness Quotient by reflecting on where they are, and where they want to go. Event goers took a self-assessment to reveal the balance between their; emotions, learning, work, nutrition, movement, purpose, and relationships.

Once they saw the areas that needed more focus, they were guided on how to set clear intentions and commitment to enacting change by signing a Declaration with themselves.

The key motivating factor was to realize that we are, “Powerful beyond measure” and you CAN achieve your goals.  The great writer, Alice Walker says, the most common way people give up their power, is by thinking they don’t have any.

The 2020Vision: your Life in Focus Tour, highlighted special guests who regained their power and are working on the balance in their lives.

Lady Gaga candidly shared her journey with mental health issues. She suffers from chronic pain and discussed how we must end the stigma associated with mental illness and seek help. This is especially true in the African-American and other minority communities.  She discussed how through therapy, medication, and holistic methods, she maintains her mental health.


At the end of the 7 hour day, attendees were energized, excited and focused about the new year and new decade. They left with a sense of purpose and reclaimed their Power. In 2020, their vision is clear.

Prior to the event, Oprah was joined by hundreds for a walk on Fort Lauderdale Beach and she visited Black-Owned restaurant, Lil Greenhouse Grill in Miami. The tour will only visit 9 cities in total and Minneapolis is next. Special guests will appear at each stop on the tour. Oprah wanted to come to South Florida first, and over 15,000 South Floridians were Thankful for the opportunity to spend the day gaining knowledge and getting a clear vision for 2020. They realize that they are more powerful than they knew. They are powerful beyond measure! The transformation has begun. A great lesson for us all! The 2020Vision: your Life in Focus Tour, highlighted special guests who regained their power and are working on the balance in their lives.


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