Trayvon Martin …. Death by a guu

Trayvon Martin ….  Death by a guu

By Omar Stanley

      Death seems such a steep price to pay for going to the corner store. Such a senseless price in this day and age. Yet it was paid by Trayvon Martin. It’s a shame, being young, black, and carefree shouldn’t be a crime in America. Shouldn’t be, but it was. Trayvon

     Martin proved that. “Stand Your Ground”? What is that really but an excuse to kill? Excuse to shed innocent blood. Blood is innocent when the facts prove it to be so. By the facts the majority of legalized gun owners are caucasian. So really who does the “Stand Your Ground” law help? What does it promote? If you ask me, it promotes a license to kill for the majority gun- owners. Or even worse, it promotes violence amongst some legalized gun-toters who believe themselves to be rebel vigilantes. Aka: George Zimmerman.

     In recent Florida history, over four white-men have been acquitted of killing Black-men under the “Stand Your Ground” law. The one person I remember not very long ago was the juvenile-Martin Anderson, who was beaten to death by a mob of “Boot-Camp- Correctional Officers” who likewise were all acquitted. Didn’t Martin Anderson have a right to “Stand his Ground”? The Lawyer for the Anderson family is also the lawyer for the Martin family.

     In Texas, a black-woman, named of Crystal Scott, stood her ground against someone she believed was an attacker, who just so happened to be a white- man. She 100 was not initially charged just like Zimmerman was not initially Charged. Four months later she was served with an indictment for first degree murder. Where’s the balance in this “Stand Your Ground Law”? Where’s the justice?

     So now it’s back to race. Now it’s back to the issues with the law. Now it’s back to the NAACP and other talking heads saying Trayvon Martin benefitted America because he exposed the justice system and brings us back to the problems black Americans face.

     Now that sounds great as a buzz-line, but it does nothing for Trayvon Martin and his family. Does it bring him back from the grave? Does it ease the heart of a hands-on father? Can it cure the longing of a mother who will always wonder what her son would’ve been had George Zimmerman decided not to kill him?

     Call me bias, call me an angry black-convicted  felon, call me wrong, but whatever you call me won’t change the  fact: George Zimmerman made a conscious decision to kill someone that night. Now had that someone been a Black-man with a criminal history, then we wouldn’t be having this discussion right now. But as it stands, it was a young kid with a life to live. As far as I’m concerned, George Zimmerman convicted himself when the police- (remember them?) told him to not pursue the young Black man in wearing the hoodie (sic) and he refused. Instead he pursued Trayvon Martin into the block where he was staying with his father. With the only justification being “He” (Trayvon Martin) “looked suspicious.” The police gave an order he disobeyed and the jury excused that, with their acquittal.

     So this is what “Stand Your Ground” is about? Hunting a seventeen (17) year old boy on a cellphone because he’s wearing a hoodie. All he wanted was some candy and a soda.

That could have been your son.

Yet the jury fell for what George Zimmerman knew from the beginning: A predator could easily make himself a victim when here’s only one side of the story being told.


So once again it’s the Black race taking the punch on the chin and being forced into being gracious about
the blow.

This has to stop! RIGHT-NOW! And not just because I say so, but for the Trayvon Martins to come …

Justice depends on it.

“Trayvon Martin … Death by a gun.”

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