Zedrick D. Barber II Attorney for Teiron ‘Ice Billion Berg’ Robinson filling lawsuit against Oceanview Building B Condominium Association, Inc.

Teiron Robinson
Teiron Robinson

SUNNY ISLES, FL — The Barber Firm is proud to announce that it represents Teiron Robinson aka recording artist “Ice Billion Berg” in an action for invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, private nuisance, wrongful eviction, tortious interference of contract, trespass to chattel, and conversion against the Oceanview Building B Condominium Association, Inc. and its affiliates who govern the premises where Mr. Robinson resides in Sunny Isles, Florida. Robinson, who had been occupying a unit on the premises since the beginning of the year, returned home January 27, 2019, to find two unknown and unwanted men inside of his residence. They identified themselves as security and entered the unit without any prior notice to and without consent from Robinson. These men had absolutely no reason nor right to be inside of Robinson’s dwelling. They soon exited but not before questioning whether Robinson “belonged” there. Perhaps, this is because he’s young, Black and wears his hair locked in a building where most residents don’t look like him. The men later returned while Mr. Robinson was bathing. They told Robinson that he was not supposed to be there, demanded that he leave and stated that they would call the police to have him arrested for trespassing if he didn’t. Though he had no duty to, he presented every document that could possibly prove the legitimacy of his presence and lawful possession of the property. None of it mattered. Security still demanded that he leave his home. Seeking to avoid an unnecessary altercation and further embarrassment, Robinson allowed security to escort him away peacefully. He, along with his realtor, and several others on his behalf, made several attempts to contact management from the condominium’s homeowner’s association but to no avail.


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