From the song by Daryl Hall and John Oats, ‘She’s Gone’

Trails in the Sand by Peter Traciet, the Street Detective

Well, I am sure you know where Peter was on Tuesday: watching others kicking and digging up sand and making a pure-T mess of things. Vickie Cartwright is finally terminated for good but not without a lot of mudslinging.  It was clear that all but one Board member came to the meeting ready for her farewell, but to Detective Traceit’s surprise ‘Super’ Cartwright was going to fight until the bitter end.

Peter and everyone in attendance and watching got to see the real Cartwright today.  After Board member Torey Alston laid out a series of points about Cartwright’s failed leadership and assigning her an F rating in each category, Cartwright came out swinging. Pete listened intently as she challenged each of Alston’s points. She dropped a few trails of tears in the sand, but it was hardly noticeable because she was kicking up dirt in a fury. It was controlled rage. Ol Pete did a self-grinned and thought, The real Cartwright just showed up and showed out.  In her fight for her life, Cartwright left no sand dune unturned.  She even took on the State Office of Safety and challenged their motives as well as their truthfulness in their reporting.

Alston tried to help her save face  suggesting she resign.  Sarah Leonardo, in a surprising alignment, agreed with Alston and told Cartwright from the dais that she was disappointed that she did not resign.

But at the end of the day, even Debra Hixon knew it was a losing battle and those Board members who felt sorry for her resolved themselves to creating a path in the sand for her that was at least palatable.

Board Chair Lori Alhadeff recessed for 15 minutes and when the Board meeting resumed, she announced that Cartwright and the Board had agreed to a respectable and mutual funeral. In 60 days, Cartwright will be gone.  An interim will be selected in a few weeks and Cartwright, like Runcie will take a back seat.

Cartwright’s tenure has been mutually agreed to end. But the saga continues as she will be in Broward for at least 60 days.  Ol Pete will continue dragging the sands to ensure she doesn’t bury others with her on the interim.

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