Pence is not ready for prime time

Frank Wilson

Frankly Speaking

 By Frank Wilson

You talk about a walking contradiction, enter Mike Pence!

This measly mouth boot licking former Vice President did the right thing on January 6th and this past weekend at a closed meeting put the January 6th incident squarely at the feet of Donald Trump.

In the meantime Pence is seeking immunity to keep from having to testify in court and under oath against his former boss.

For his unseemly loyalty his old boss has predictably blamed him for the incident It’s like telling the Security Guard “All you had to do was let me rob the bank”!

When will it become crystal clear that Donald John Trump never accepts responsibility only compliments It will be interesting to see how many line up behind Trump’s position in blaming Pence and to see how long Pence continues to be a whimpering wimp Donald Trump not only throws his followers under the bus, he often drives the damn vehicle.

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