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“There are times when others speak more boldly, passionately and more profound than me. It’s at those times that I stand with them side by side, and when necessary I willingly stand behind them to protect their backs. This is one of those times and one of those written positions that I stand with and for.

– Bobby R. Henry, Sr., Publisher

By Lucius Gantt

       I don’t know Fani Willis, but I love her. She is the standard of excellence for Black elected officials.

I opine about politicians. I write about them in The Gantt Report more times than my readers want me to.

However, Fani Willis is not your average Mama Bear. When former President Donald Trump went to sleep and dreamed he could overturn the Presidential election votes, in my hometown and in the State of Georgia, he woke up in a nightmare!

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis recently filed RICO (Racketeering) charges against the Russian Bogeyman.

Unlike Federal Prosecutors, unlike Congressional Impeachment Committee Members, unlike prosecutors in Florida, Michigan, and other states that have fired B-Bs at Trump, Fani Willis dropped a napalm bomb on his whole “corrupt” organization.

I love Fani Willis because she has done what I’ve asked all Black elected and appointed officials to do: do the damn job you were elected or appointed to do.

Fani strongly supported the Black Fulton County election workers that Trump and his supporters claimed were mishandling votes. Fani Willis, not only revealed Trump’s “crimes” in Georgia, she went on to say evidence of similar crimes suggests laws were broken in several other states. This Fani move put pressure on other states to file similar charges.

Perhaps the Fulton County District Attorney’s most shocking move was the indictment of the Babayka’s Chief of Staff.

With investigations here and there, prosecutions here and there, and crimes here and there, not one word was said about Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

Oh, Mark is in trouble now. Americans never heard a word about Meadows. Was he cooperating with Special Counsel Jack Smith? Or, did Meadows lie about other crimes he was involved in? Meadows was on the phone call with the Georgia Secretary of State when Trump asked state officials to find him 11,080 votes.

Black Americans need more people like Fani Willis. Our community does not need Black elected officials who are happy just to be where they are. We don’t want mealy mouth, handkerchief head buck dancers representing us. We want political male and female warriors to join us in our fight for equal rights, justice, health rights, voting rights, reparations, and more.

There is a new generation of Black Americans that want Black elected officials who can deliver. Black men, and women, will rush to the polls to vote for Fani Willis and other elected officials who are not afraid to fight for us when we’re victimized and mistreated, not afraid of political parties, not afraid of biased campaign contributors, not afraid of threats from hate groups, and elected officials who are not afraid to treat others like others treat us!

Thank you, Fani Willis. We have been waiting for elected officials like you. Waiting for officials who will say, “If you don’t voluntarily show up at the courthouse on Friday, I’ll send the Black Fulton County Sheriff after you!”

Fani Willis, you’re not the only Black person in America that is not afraid to speak truth to power. There are multitudes of us watching you and watching your back.

Years ago, The Gantt Report said Trump should be arrested, busted, and incarcerated.

Fani Willis, you are right, and I was right! Our ancestors are proud of you! Keep up the great work!

RICO charges in Georgia carry minimum mandatory jail sentences of five to twenty years in jail cells. Unlike in federal charges, no one man can pardon any of the 19 people indicted by AG Fani Willis. Georgia has a Pardon and Parole Board that will only consider a release from jail after you’ve served some time in a state prison.

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