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Samara Rawls

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By Samara Rawls

During this pandemic, I have had an incredible amount of spare time on my hands, and I have taken up some new activities.

While staying home for an extended amount of time, I have really learned more about who I am. For example, since all of our schools have been closed down due to Covid-19, I have learned to work independently and on a schedule.

When we were in school, we had teachers to guide us throughout the day, but now we’re at home, and don’t have someone to instruct us all the time. I have had to create schedules for myself, so I am not distracted too easily.

I have also taught myself how to communicate with friends more. Since we cannot meet together in person, we find ways to talk with each such as through a Zoom call, FaceTime, or just a simple text. Although I’d rather meet with them in person, I’m glad we’ve now found other ways to have fun.

One of my favorite activities that I have discovered during the quarantine was cooking! Before, I really never had time to do much, but because I have a lot of free time, I have taken up a new hobby, which is cooking. I enjoy making breakfast for my family, and really like making desserts for them. My favorite dish I have cooked is pancakes, with an egg omelet.

Even though quarantine can be stressful at times, I have looked deep down inside of me, and learned many new things about myself. I pray quarantine can end soon, so we can go back to being with each other.



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