Quarantine board, spiritually blessed

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Growing the Voices of Our Future

The Westside Gazette Newspaper is honored to feature these editorial contributions made by local students.

By Layla Davidson

In this quarantine season some of us are bored, if not all of us. However, we are not allowed to go to the usual places we like to go.

In this time you should think about building your relationship with God, family, and even friends. God puts us in precarious predicaments sometimes, but God will never give us something we can’t handle.

Also, in this time there is virtual church where you can go on social media platforms and hear your pastor preach. On Sunday, March 29, the pastor of New Mount Olive Baptist Church said something that is still sitting with me now.

To sum it up he said something like this: “We are practicing social distancing. Social distancing is showing us how much we need our friends, family and how much we need each other.”

In these situations, I don’t like to be pessimistic. I like to be optimistic. I always think God did this for a reason. It may not look so good right now, but it is all going to work out. You can take advantage of this time we have on our hands. We can work to better ourselves. Witness to other people. Bring people to God.

We have so much time on our hands – why not take advantage of it.

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